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January 23

Woefully unmournful

They wept throughout a year of resounding sadness, with nothing on their tongues but hallelujah.

June 08

I’m either cool, or old. Mostly old.

As my audiophile friends often bemoan, buying vinyl used to be about discovering music…Now vinyl is a “scene”.

May 20

Stolen with permission

I’ve started many a blog post where I just trailed off, got called away from the computer, or had to escape a bear.

February 08

Mashups: Pure genius? Or, the death of original thought?

Apparently, NIN are like parmesan cheese. They can top anything.

April 13

Fascinatorium Emporium

I have a healthy respect for Musicophiles. (Or maybe I’m confusing healthy respect with healthy fear…)

consumer psychology research

The average American is inundated with between 3000 and 5000 advertising messages per day in various forms.


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