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April 14

Bland Spots

But you know, I’m betting this is but a blip.

October 11

For the world, and for my niece & nephew

We all deserve to grow up in a world where we can choose our own happiness

August 09

I am nothing without pretend

Everyone is audience to each other’s realities

July 10

Pandora’s box

Finding the box was yesterday. Finding myself was today.

June 25

The scariest thing is often the best thing

I’m all about the good things for me…in a reasonably, non-selfish, decent human being sort of way.

June 19

Bacon and other good memories

My dad always said his favorite childhood memory of me involved breakfast meats.

April 29

Never enough

Have you ever started a conversation you wished would just go on just a little bit more…or forever?

consumer psychology research

The average American is inundated with between 3000 and 5000 advertising messages per day in various forms.


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