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January 21


Is meteorological hysteria natural?

February 05

On douchebags and winter madness

I feel for you. I really do. You’ve had a difficult 15 minutes so far. You’re stuck in a parking spot that wasn’t fully shoveled out, all movement embargoed by a slushy, icy prison that looms 4 inches above the ground. The cacophony of futility, my head is filled with the sound of your whirring, sliding, screeching […]

February 01

Kevin Spacey, typography, and other meteorological mitigators

It’s so cliché. Snow used to be so much fun, so filled with wonder. Now, it’s all commuter interruptions and misanthropic mumblings about the bread and milk lobbies agitating the populace into frenzied disaster prep mode. Why is that?   Is meteorological hysteria natural?  Maybe gazelles hurtling across the savanna are the result of changes in barometric […]

February 12

Snow patrol

I’m on the snow patrol. I get to make The Call.

January 22

Why I Hate People: Snow Day Edition

I don’t hate all people. Just the same old lady who always parks in front of me on snow days. Coincidence? Maybe it’s karma.

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