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August 19

Everywhere I go, there I am

Do we secretly, or even unknowingly, surround ourselves with objects that remind us of ourselves? Is this a healthy ego signal? Or self-deprecating, cautionary symbology?

March 27

The Luckiest Girl In the World Can’t Can’t

All I know is it’s 2am, and I typed most of this blog with my eyes shut, blinded by tears, fingers shaking as my shoulders jerked with each croaking sob.

October 14

To quiz or not to quiz? Zimbio & Buzzfeed VS the Real Me

I never used to take online quizzes. I thought they were silly and useless, as I was fairly confident I knew who I was, flaws, warts, emotional baggage and all. And then I started taking online quizzes. At first I thought, “How uncanny, that does sound like me! How cool is that?!?” There was some strange […]

September 11

Agony of defeet*

8:20am. Check in at clinic for dermatologist appointment. Pay $40 specialist co-pay. 8:25am. Am called in to exam room. PA asks 4 simple questions. 8:30am. Doctor comes in, Looks at foot. 8:31am: “No, you don’t have a toenail fungus.” [Good news.] 8:32am: “Don’t worry, that’s just how your toes look.” [Less good news.] 8:33am: “I see you’re […]

July 29

The 8-year itch

I love my job. It makes my marriage the second most dysfunctional relationship I have.

June 28

Not sure which end of the stick I’m on..

Last 18 hours. This picture. Me.         [Image courtesy of, user: j4p4n]

February 07

Like beating a puppy with a bag of kittens

…this day was only slightly better than an thumbtack colonic.

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