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August 23

To little girls* who don’t know to love themselves for who they are…YET

There are others around you who have felt the exact same way.

August 09

I am nothing without pretend

Everyone is audience to each other’s realities

March 24

This year, I vow…

…to blog more regularly.
The world deserves my brilliance.

…to practice humility.
Why start now?

February 22

The mirror doesn’t lie.

Today, I believe in the mirror.

January 30

One juice down, 50lbs to go.

I feel healthier already. Nah, this isn’t one of those blogs. I just wanted to admit to myself that I fell for it. That self-important smugness of better-than and right-path-edness. I make one shake, and it’s “Ooh, aren’t I going to be such a healthy person?” But that’s crap, and that’s not what’s going to […]

January 28

A happy ‘me’ makes for a happier ‘us’

I only have two big “relationships” where I’ve found I’m really held accountable in, and both are comfortably dysfunctional: my marriage and my job. Which one is more important? I’ll never tell. But after hours and hours of introspection, outrospection, wine, and donuts, I’ve figured something out about myself: I’ve decided it’s okay to be selfish […]

January 13

Who’s down with O.P.P.?

Do we hang with folks whose problems are as plentiful as ours (or bigger), such that we don’t feel bad about our own lives?

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