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June 30

Wading in the Moist Warmth of Humanity

would like to be lifted up in what I know will be the spirited and purpose-driven collective human tsunami of #hope.

September 02

Child-free/less-ness and the New Social Leprosy

I feel neither unfulfilled, nor superior for never having passed a mucous plug.

July 04

I don’t hate America.

I love America. That’s why I volunteer. That’s why I vote.

January 30

One juice down, 50lbs to go.

I feel healthier already. Nah, this isn’t one of those blogs. I just wanted to admit to myself that I fell for it. That self-important smugness of better-than and right-path-edness. I make one shake, and it’s “Ooh, aren’t I going to be such a healthy person?” But that’s crap, and that’s not what’s going to […]

January 29

Your blog post made me do it.

I’m still fairly new in happy, happy blogland, so I’m not familiar with the terrain, and certainly not with the etiquette. Here are my questions: If disagree with something in your post, or if I find something offensive, is it my sworn duty as human/truthteller/anonymous superhero to take action? To what degree may I impart […]

January 28

A happy ‘me’ makes for a happier ‘us’

I only have two big “relationships” where I’ve found I’m really held accountable in, and both are comfortably dysfunctional: my marriage and my job. Which one is more important? I’ll never tell. But after hours and hours of introspection, outrospection, wine, and donuts, I’ve figured something out about myself: I’ve decided it’s okay to be selfish […]

January 21

My name is ****. I kick puppies.

Okay, I don’t actually do that. But some people think I would. Or have. It’s entirely possible for this to be true.

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