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November 08

Christ is in Christmas, not at the Mall

I’m a big believer in believing in things.

February 15

Fat Tuesday and the Lenten sacrifice

I can pretty much guarantee a glorious carnivorous kick-off to whatever Lenten diet I get suckered into.


February 12

Iggy Azalea reads the same books as me. Truth? Or stranger than fiction?

Are we are in the sixth ring of hell, or did a commercial pop star attempt to pop cultural-ize the social sciences?

February 01

Kevin Spacey, typography, and other meteorological mitigators

It’s so cliché. Snow used to be so much fun, so filled with wonder. Now, it’s all commuter interruptions and misanthropic mumblings about the bread and milk lobbies agitating the populace into frenzied disaster prep mode. Why is that?   Is meteorological hysteria natural?  Maybe gazelles hurtling across the savanna are the result of changes in barometric […]

September 18

Climate change is real. And other things I’m not sure of.

I don’t understand the science of climate change. Nor do I understand the science of climate change deniers. I’m not interested in debating the science of it all. I’m also not interested in debating the politics of it all. These things are all too big for my puny brain, and too mean and self-righteous for my […]

July 04

I don’t hate America.

I love America. That’s why I volunteer. That’s why I vote.

February 03

Pretension and the art of conversation…Part II

This isn’t so much a Part II as it is me banging my head against the wall…

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The average American is inundated with between 3000 and 5000 advertising messages per day in various forms.

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