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May 08

Of mushrooms and morals…

Of my favorite fungi, morels rank pretty high for me, too!

January 29

Your blog post made me do it.

I’m still fairly new in happy, happy blogland, so I’m not familiar with the terrain, and certainly not with the etiquette. Here are my questions: If disagree with something in your post, or if I find something offensive, is it my sworn duty as human/truthteller/anonymous superhero to take action? To what degree may I impart […]

April 15

It’s a Catas(apos)trophe!

The poor apostrophe, overworked and under-understood. Everywhere.

consumer psychology research

The average American is inundated with between 3000 and 5000 advertising messages per day in various forms.

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I am a drummer whose mission is to elevate and celebrate the female voice.

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