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February 16


I will not give in to the baser instincts of despair and rage.

I can’t afford to.

January 23

Woefully unmournful

They wept throughout a year of resounding sadness, with nothing on their tongues but hallelujah.

June 15

Talk to Me

If anyone is out there – if you’re mad, or you’re sad, or you just wish you had cake, and you could use someone to complain to, then lay it on me.

July 29

Lions, Dentists, and Liars. Oh, my!

But seriously, why is it easier to publicly grieve for injustice when there isn’t a human face involved? Why is it so hard to connect to injustices that happen to those whose faces don’t look like ours?

February 03

Pretension and the art of conversation…Part II

This isn’t so much a Part II as it is me banging my head against the wall…

January 29

Your blog post made me do it.

I’m still fairly new in happy, happy blogland, so I’m not familiar with the terrain, and certainly not with the etiquette. Here are my questions: If disagree with something in your post, or if I find something offensive, is it my sworn duty as human/truthteller/anonymous superhero to take action? To what degree may I impart […]

January 27

My tragedy is more tragic than yours

Is there such a thing as ‘worse’ when all bad things are bad?

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The average American is inundated with between 3000 and 5000 advertising messages per day in various forms.

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