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August 15

The internet is mean and science is angry

Luckily, scientists seem smart enough to realize most of the rest of the world are non science-speakers and have carefully interpreted [dumbed down] some of their most salient principles in ways we can understand.

March 28

When the [ham] stakes are high

Despite having declined all manner of Easter invites, I still got hammed.

February 08

Withdrawal, with regrets.

I became ever more ‘connected’: phone ever-glued to my hand; eyes glazed over from screen-vision; thumb, perpetually scrolling – yet undeniably disconnected…

December 28

¡Viva la Resolución!

Is not making New Year’s resolutions a sign of having given up, or a healthy way of not disappointing myself?

November 27

The Myth of Purposeful Lives

You want to find meaning in your life? Then you must do the following…Hmmm, these strategies may only work if you are a white woman.

August 24

Dream Big

Last night I dreamed I starred in a local repertory production of “Anything Goes.”  And I was marvelous. Today, I’m looking up beginner tap dance classes. Tomorrow, the world. In the meantime, the Queen:

April 12

Be more funny.

Maybe the things I take for granted, that I don’t really notice, are actually comedy gold. I’m gonna work on mining that crap.

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