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June 20

10 days, 12 heartaches, 2 funerals, and hope

…our acts of creation, our sense of beauty in the depths of despair – is really hope manifested. And when violence can’t take that away, well, that’s certainly something.

April 12

Be more funny.

Maybe the things I take for granted, that I don’t really notice, are actually comedy gold. I’m gonna work on mining that crap.

March 27

The Luckiest Girl In the World Can’t Can’t

All I know is it’s 2am, and I typed most of this blog with my eyes shut, blinded by tears, fingers shaking as my shoulders jerked with each croaking sob.

March 05

Are you there God? It’s me, Yelp.

Do churches have listings on Yelp?

February 28

Finding happy where I can, because F#@K sadness

I spent most of yesterday in a haze of misery, sadness, and surprisingly, moments of quiet gratefulness.

February 15

Fat Tuesday and the Lenten sacrifice

I can pretty much guarantee a glorious carnivorous kick-off to whatever Lenten diet I get suckered into.


September 14

Almanac be damned

There are too many things that go bump in the night. There are too many tears shed by good people. I can’t fix most of those things, but I know now, at the ripe, wise age of 40, to be any good, to do any good in the world, I have to celebrate the things that […]

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