Welcome to the veritable rummage sale that is my brain, where everything is useless, but you absolutely must have one of everything. I’m not miserable, but you’ll wonder if I’m lying. My world view was best put by the seminal crank, television’s George Costanza*: “We’re living in a society!”  We should act that way.

I adore the odd and find words like happiness and love to be meaningless abstractions. I enjoy breaking bread with others & instigating awkward moments. My universe falls within the confines of the Empire City (which, let’s face it, is an obnoxious way to say New York City), which for all its glossiness, has enough everydayness to satisfy my needs.

By day I’m a nonprofit deputy UNEMPLOYED(!), by night a grumpy, 41 [sigh] 42-year old determined to stop acting old.

For more solitary amusements, I enjoy blogging and a nice, healthy poop.

(*Truth be told, I never actually watched Seinfeld. That line was referenced in an article on how to behave in a NYC snowstorm.)

Why ‘Poop’?

For that, I would direct you to my inaugural blog entry.

Where else can you find Poop?

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