People Are Monsters. Or am I?

People are basically just monsters hiding behind the thin veneer of social convention.

Superstore (2015) s03e15 Episode Script

I don’t know if that’s true.

But, watching the news, sometimes it feels true.

I’m generally a cynical, sarcastic person. I’m pretty quick with a smart-alecky quip, and have been known to upset people, friends and strangers alike, because it’s hard (for many) to discern tone in print.

At work, my first response is to map out the worst-case scenario and work backwards. I’m not ashamed of this, generally, it’s made me a pragmatic and effective strategist.

But lately, I’ve found myself drifting towards hopefulness. Not naïveté. Rather, a willingness to see more than [just] the worst in everything/worst of everyone.


I’m not sure if he was a professional body builder, but had the physique and the requisite Powerhouse Gym bag to ground my assumption. After he helped her off the bus, he pointed at me to get on the bus first. A gentleman all around. Shame on me for not having expected this of him to begin with.

Two days later, I had to attend a work event. Working for city government, I get to (have to!) travel to all corners of New York City, at (potentially) all times of day. Most people balk at my regular home-to-work-and-back commute*, my event travel is anathema. Less so for me:


I didn’t get home until 11:51pm that night. And sure, I was limping slightly after a 14-hour day on what I’ve since learned are bony growths on my knee (a story for another day). But the walk home from the bus was not an invective-filled monologue; rather, it was a head-bopping stroll accompanied by a shuffling of my peppiest Pandora** stations.

Yep, still my natural response is still a snarky zinger (I’m pretty good at it). At work, I don’t mind being called the Queen of No (someone has to do it). But it turns out there’s light at the end of the tunnel – that isn’t always attached to a train.

I don’t think I’m in danger of selective blindness through rose-colored glasses. But so what if I’ve got more than I realized of these things, what are they called again? Feelings? 

Maybe it won’t be so bad.



*Some call my commute too long at 75 minutes each way, I call it 3 books per week!
**A soundtrack made up of Mika, Lizzo, The New Pornographers, Ozomatli, The New Mastersounds, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, and more…

Humans Are the Real Monsters

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