One drink, two drinks…

Remember when I decided I would commit to day-drinking as a way to get my groove back? It wasn’t a terrible plan. It just wasn’t a great plan.

Not terrible, in that I went out and had met other people, caught up with old friends, and explored new places. And I did have a good time.

Not a great plan in that I learned I had to be much more sensitive, nay, intuitive, regarding my body and my wallet.

My Body: It turns out, I’m in no danger of being an alcoholic*, as I have a lower tolerance for some alcoholic beverages¬† than I imagined I would (let’s just say I’ve learned to pronounce a certain Mexican beverage it te-kill-ya, and most grape drinks whine). I thought my body weight could help me out here; not so, it turns out. In addition, I also have a low tolerance for large amounts of liquid in my system – even too much water too quickly on a hot day leads to regurgitative consequences, I’ve found. Plus, reading my own blog archives is quite educational, as I recall my own Lessons in Drunkenness

My Wallet: It turns out I have a higher tolerance for some alcoholic beverages (beer, sweet mixed drinks from breezy Brazilian climes…), such that it’s a few/couple/several drinks in before I realize I’ve spent my dinner budget on cocktails alone.

All in all, I’m finding my way to a reasonable good time. Certainly, drinking glasses of water in between is the classic option, as full-ness can quench the thirst. Playing bar games is a nice way to pace oneself, especially as I’m fairly competitive, and not likely to compromise my shark-like tendencies for anything.

But, for all of this self-restraint that I’ve had to develop, it turns out nothing beats the reasonable debauchery to be had when others pay.


[featured image+featured image redux] These were drinks I shared at Bar Virgile in Durham, NC. I wish I could remember what they were called. But anything they serve there (food or spirits) are top notch. (click photo for website)