Inspiration: In Search of, In Spite of


Despite the strong words in my comeback post, it’s been weeks since I’ve wanted to click on the WordPress link on my desktop.


Not for a lack of trying. Just an uneasy feeling of “What do I have to say today?” Which then got me thinking about what my blog is / could be about. Which landed me squarely back to “What do I have to say today?”

  • I’ve never been the diarist – cataloguing the ins and outs of my daily life. Which makes sense, as I’m not one to give lots of details about mundane questions in real life either.
  • I’m not sure that I’m much of a philosopher – posing thoughtful questions of my ‘audience’ and waxing poetic on my own theories.
  • Am I even that good of an observer? Lots of folks I follow scrutinize and assess a passing scene, documenting it for posterity.

I’m certain there are many other blogger types out there. I’m just stuck for describing them. I just hope that this isn’t just a telling reflection of how I live real life. Could this mean that I am without a guiding principle, or motivating narrative to anchor my corporeal self to the world around me?

Hm. Maybe I”m a philosopher after all…