I’m a daydrink believer…

I wasn’t sure if part of my inspirational dry spelling slash disrememberance from the blogosphereweb was just a factor of focusing on the new jib, or a possibly perhaps perchance because a matter of fact I just wasn’t having any fun any more.

So, I decided to ficus on the having funs part. It’s not quite roller coaster up and down riding season yet, so I thought I would go verrry very slow. With an activity that did not forsake gravity. And would require less car go vroom vroom*:

Day drinking.*

It’s has been so going well. I feel lively and happyness and there is exercise. Because of all the dancing. By myself and with all the peoples. I just told myself, “Self, to stay away from tequila and vodka, and always keeping the common sense, and then definitely no saying hello to porcelain gods. Good job, Self.”

Then this happened last night.

empty bottle.JPG

No more gin. No more gin and tonics.**

Sad day for mes today.

Well, it would be a sads day, but I found vodka and a happy box of orange juice. It’s going super well so far. I made this whole blog post. With, what I’m pretty sure is, perfect perfection.



*Driving always bad with liquid fun times.

**Wait, is this true? I’m almost for certain it is truth.

Bonus for you: