I can’t be a ‘nice’ person; or why I need to return to blogging.

I’ve just passed my 1-year anniversary at this job. One that I’m extremely proud to have, that I’m grateful for on the daily – not just in the happy-to-be-employed way. But mostly in the wow-I-get-to-do-this kind of way. (Though I am happy to be employed.)

But, I stopped blogging because I was focused on work. I worked a lot. I also thought that blogging would be detrimental to my job (I work, in some fashion, in city government). It’s a unique role, and I get to travel universes I’ve considered only from an academic standpoint. Now, I’m pits-deep in it, this respectable work. I still love it, but it’s given me this sheen of holier than thou-ness, a shade of do-gooder that’s new to me. I’ve gone around it a few times now, and I realize, while I love the work, I can’t BE the work.

You see, I developed a side effect to this work.

I’ve started to lose my snark.

I’ve also started to lose my propensity for gathering and sharing the knowledge of non-cultured cultural minutiae – you know, the shit that the interwebs is full of. I miss that. I’ve got to get that back. As that venerable [generic] band, 3 Doors Down, sang, I’ve got to get back to me. Did I like that song? No. And I’ll never get those three and a half minutes back, but today, it’s my (sad, sad) anthem.

So, here’s to recapturing my impertinent, irreverent, and irascible youth. Garbage people and dumpster fires of the world, look out! There’s yet another anonymous observer coming for you, ready to flood the web with self-righteous and pointless drivel. With just a touch of snark.

dumpster fire

Image from a fascinating article on language and the human condition. Click image for link.