Life, liberty, and hotdogs

As we go about our day today – whether in celebration, pride, disregard, or indifference – consider that which is acknowledged today is not yet complete, and requires that we unite to work for its realization: 

“Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.”- Frances Wright


I know this makes me a freak or something, but I used to think there was nothing worse than having to watch fireworks. Nope, there’s people endlessly talking about fireworks and where to watch them from. Then, there’s having to listen to them going off all across your neighborhood for hours on end for the days leading up to “the 4th” that is like a giant epilady to my ears. 

Of course by ‘nothing worse’ I mean of everything on the hangnail-level of bad things. This isn’t worse than poverty, death, violence against QT/POC, terrorism, healthcare in America, or the NBC lineup, etc.


It is a lovely Tuesday, July 4. But no, I don’t really celebrate “Happy 4th of July!” 

I don’t hate America. I hate that today, for so many, is about a day off, free parking, store sales, & illegal fireworks. I love America. That’s why I’ve made an effort to learn our history (good, bad, ugly) beyond high school texts. That’s why I vote. 

Today…today is just a day. Except for the hotdogs. I do enjoy the hotdogs.