Why aren’t I blogging more?

I usually anchor my posts with an image. In fact, most of my posts are inspired by actual images, or something that an image embodies for me.

But I haven’t posted in weeks. More than a month, even. And at least once a week since then, I’ve asked myself the question: Why aren’t I blogging? Am I just not inspired anymore?

Yes, in the last month and a half, I’ve started a new job – surely one of the most significant transitions an adult can experience, up there with marriage, divorce, moving, and the discovery of drive-through oil changes.

Is it because I’m happy? Well, I’ve certainly been enjoying my job. Has that been enough of a distraction?

Is it because I’m sad? Well, No matter what manner of 1990s show is being revived*, somehow there’s no hope for the West Wing.

I can’t figure it out. I’ve been trying to remember if I made myself promises, such as,

“Writing is for you! It will be cathartic!”
“You need to develop a discipline around self-reflection.”

I don’t remember. But I know one thing: the personal impersonal connection with  ‘friends’ in the blogosphere, the snippets of humanity coming across through verse, comments, and questions – all of that, I do miss.

Here’s to reconnecting with old friends and new strangers.



*Roseanne? Will & Grace? X-Files? Twin Peaks? (actually, am happy about the last two)


[Featured image from a 2016 NY Times article, The Return of the ’90s]