Bland Spots

I began a new job this week.

Ask me how my day went on Monday. It went great!

Ask me how my day went on Tuesday. It went wonderfully!

Ask me how my day went on Wednesday. It went amazingly!

Ask me how my day went on Thursday. It just got better and better!

Now it is Friday, 9am. Ask me how my day is going.

Well, I got into the area early so I could eat breakfast, as I had a very long training through lunchtime. I found a deli-slash-restaurant and ordered pancakes. A sure-fire treat, comfort food of the highest order.

I brought my prize to a well-worn corner table and commenced feasting. The momentum and promise of a week that had brought no end of joy and amazement…fizzled away like fading hiss of greasy bacon on the grill.

Hot enough to melt the golden mounds of butter? Yes.

Pillowy soft? Yes.

Tasty? A disappointing and resounding no.

I don’t think I can fault the kitchen. The line that is going through here, a veritable throng of regulars whose favorite orders have been memorized by the line cooks, moves like a well-oiled machine.

I see now. I know where to place the blame.

Never trust a low-calorie syrup. I like my sweetness full-fat.

But you know, I’m betting this is but a blip. A whisper of an eyelash escaping its ocular orbit, a two second annoyance tickling my cheek.

I know I haven’t gotten to work yet, but I’ll say it anyway.

Best. Week. Ever.