What’s next?

These past four months have been filled with many wonderful experiences, but also fraught with untetheredness that was rather new for me. It wasn’t just that I didn’t have somewhere to go Monday through Friday. There were some days where it felt like I didn’t know who to be.

I know, what I do shouldn’t be who I am, but when one gets the chance to do good, to be in service to other people, there’s an essential state of being at play, and I live for that.

I start my new job on Monday. Now, I’m not really one for philosophical platitudes and motivational speeches. But, I. AM. READY.

To honor my renewed sense of urgency, passion, purpose, and power, I present this golden nugget of awesomeness, a West Wing* & Lin-Manuel Miranda** mash up. Because like me and my vocation, some things just go so perfectly together.

[This video is a delightful gift from The West Wing Weekly podcast, an (dare I say) encyclopedic dialogue on each TWW episode, hosted by Joshua Malina (who played TWW’s idealistic wordsmith, Will Bailey) and Hrishikesh Hirway.]


* A show that embodies what many of us would like a U.S. Presidency to be

**A bonafide genius who embodies what we’d like a lyrical mixmaster-composer extraordinaire to be.