Righting the narrative, writing the wrongs

I had the opportunity to meet the great screenwriter and producer Walter Bernstein at an event for the Writers Guild Initiative this week. He spoke very briefly at the podium, but what he said struck me deeply. He was speaking about writers telling stories that most would never hear and speaking truth to power. With mere words, writers wield a power to impact the world. But that power is at its greatest and most destructive when they are words in service to the lie.

How easy it is to forget that words are not just entities unto themselves – they direct. They inform. They incite. And they beget an accountability and responsibility we often absolve ourselves of. In this time of braggadocious tweets, spurious research, and alternative facts, words have never been more essential to our cultural, political, and social identities.

But what a time to be in!

Lo, and behold! These abuses of the word – written and spoken – have, in fact, incited new audiences of active listeners, truth seekers, and fact checkers.

May their efforts honor the humble, yet altogether mighty Word.

May they speak truth to power.

May their undeterred passion shine a light on the dark narratives that besiege us daily.

May power reign honorably once more.


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