Time’s Up for Time Out

It’s been a strange three and a half months, being unemployed.

However rosy the NYS jobs outlook seems, I’m well aware that I’m one of the lucky few who can survive this downtime/downturn relatively unscathed. I have a safety net of family to provide housing & wellbeing stability, and marketable skills that allowed me the partial productivity of consultant work during this time.

And my good fortune continues. Last week, I interviewed for, and was offered a position that would allow me to put my 20 years of community development, organizational management, and social welfare policy experience to good use. It will be different from my years of nontraditional, nonprofit do-gooder experience. A little more traditional, a little more office-y, a little more boss-like, a little more official. I’d have to dress up more than I had to at my previous job, and I won’t have to play “What’s/Where’s that smell in this old church building we work in?” But it’s a challenge I’m excited about.

I wonder, though, if my time out has spoiled me for regular/irregular office hours. I’ve had the luxury of getting up at 730am, reading like crazy, cooking and baking, visiting friends and family, having dinner with my husband at a regular-ish dinnertime hour…Am I ready to give that up?

I’ve got a couple of weeks before the paperwork clears. I’ll try to get it out of my system. Until then, I’m writing this post on Thursday night, and scheduling it to go out Friday morning.

Because my alarm is set for 830am.
Like a boss.