A party as good as last week in politics

When you throw a party, reconsider proudly listing “Children Welcome” on the invitation. Children may come.

If children come to your party,  They may sample some…all…of the amazing food you’ve servedI mean, who wouldn’t love beef tenderloin, ginger glazed wings, shrimp cocktail, veggie wraps, veggie ‘meat’balls, brie & bread,homemade whipped cream with blueberries, and deviled eggs with caviar (among other nice treats)?

After they sample all of that food, children may jump up and down on the furniture, reaching vertiginous heights that could lead to an amazing display of digestive pyrotechnics.

When that happens, you’re going to need the number for an emergency plumber, because it’s 9pm on a Saturday, and you don’t even have a plunger. It’s going to take him an hour and a half to get your place. Your guests may have to pee outside.

When that happens, you’re also going to need a new rug. Because jute just wasn’t meant to repel the stomach contents of a manic, peripatetic, yet undeniably adorable 5 year old.

Your party may end up like this:


And like this past week…two weeks…current week of politics, you’re just going to want to throw it out and start all over. Luckily, you’ve found that people do want to help make things right. It helps that they stick around, because getting rid of a soaking wet 10×13-foot jute rug is a fairly daunting task.

You will prevail. You just have to.