Roadkill on the Information Superhighway; or somehow, 1994 is today

I found a poem I had written  in college,back in the Spring of 1994. I laughed, amused at my 20-year old self. How pessimistic, yet idealistic at the same time. I was an English major, with a focus on the Victorians and Romantics, so I suppose my luddite tendencies aren’t so surprising.

(punctuation/capitalization as in the original)


But I read it again, and some of the words started to fade in an out, replaced by others more common in today’s vernacular.


Do I really see the world as pessimistically as I did 22 years ago?

I suppose I’m older and a little…tiny bit…wiser. Which is why I probably won’t spend too much time writing poetry about it. I know that if we all did a little something to more actively participate in our democracy*, maybe we’d all have fewer reasons to move to Canada.

I’m certainly not going to give up.


* Such as go to a civic group or political club meeting, attend a rally, read a variety of newspapers (to make sure you have a chance of accessing actual news), run for local office, join a community council, register to vote, and then, actually vote!


[Featured image of roadkill courtesy of this presentation on digital marketing]