The beholder

Most people would call this art:


Others would offer this as a cultural masterpiece:


Some would dismiss this as pornography:


Yet, fall over themselves to praise this as the height of aesthetic ideals.


Others see art on a broader scale:


Me? I’m a simple girl. I admire much of what the visual world has to offer. I like color, movement, whimsy, and subtext. But sometimes, art is just Art:


Art Garfunkel: The Man. The Fro. The Legend.


= = =

I’m back from self-imposed exile. No, I haven’t been crushed by the weight of current events and the likely demise of humankind. These three weeks away have been filled with many things: disappointing tv revivals, lots of holiday romance movies, pre-holiday crafting, and lots of good plans undermined by my propensity for germtastic attraction. I won’t recall all of my ailments, but instead refer you to a previous post (A Month of Awesome Vs. the Mighty Germ) that – sadly – bears reposting.