It might be a good day after all 

I don’t ask for much:

  • For this election cycle to be over, so I can re-follow all those people (my friends) on Facebook.
  • For my body to exercise itself while I sleep.
  • For fall to actually start feeling like it’s fall, because it’s mid-October and 80 degrees, which freaks me out on a global scale, but also prevents me from rocking sweaters.
  • For the opportunity to go to one of those fancy bra stores to get a comprehensive measurement, so that I can buy truly well-fitting bras. So I can look good in those sweaters.
  • For network television shows to be enjoyable again, because my faith is steadily crumbling, and I don’t want to be one of those smug people who only watch cable and streaming shows because network tv is soooooo pedestrian*.
  • For my friends and Twitter feed to stop talking about Hamilton (the Musical). I saw it when it first came out on Broadway. I LOVED it. But it isn’t the best thing that’s ever happened to democracy. It isn’t going to ‘save’ America**. I know this because my obsession with The West Wing didn’t suddenly catapult political literacy and civic engagement to the forefront of the American experience. Watching the making-of Hamilton documentary on PBS isn’t an accomplishment. We still have to do all the hard work of actually engaging with each other on issues to get stuff done.


That got heavier than where I started.

Fine. I don’t ask for much, but I do ask that chocolate-frosted donuts come without sprinkles. But everywhere I go, there they are: Tasteless, rainbow cat litter nuggets defacing otherwise delicious treats.

But not today:



**Though, I wonder how many folks will write-in Alexander Hamilton on Election Day. And, I wonder if it would be a bad thing if he won…


*For those who are tired of television altogether, here’s one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands from the 1990s, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin: