Fun and games

All the things I want are bad for me.

No carnival treats were harmed in the writing of this post. Sadly, they weren’t eaten, either.

Or, simply out of my reach.

The nature of want – is it to be sated? Or to drive effort to achieve it? Some say it’s the journey, not the destination…

Is what I want a thing?

A person?

A state of being?

All of those things?

What will I do to try to achieve those things? Should I be hoping for success?

Or should I be wary of the cost of the pursuit?

It’s all fun and games until someone loses…

= = = =

Okay, after three hours of, plane, taxi; and yet another 3 hours of puttering around, making soup and roasting vegetables, I came back to this post.

If I were a reader, I would have found the title, “Fun and Games” rather misleading. Is that what I sound like, high on Dramamine (I’ve got a quick vomit trigger, so I usually fly under a haze of motion-sickness-averting-antihistamines)? Quite a bummer.

But yes, I do long for fun and games. I’ve still got to wrap my head around my impending work-hiatus. I’m (ostensibly) taking a month or two off, in between jobs, to recharge, get focused, and have fun after nearly 11 years at a job that took up most of my daily life.

But it’s not that easy (for me) to just kick back and relax. I want to take up a hobby, learn new skills, go on adventures (reasonably-priced, and likely within the confines of the Lower 48), and improve my physical health. The options are overwhelming.

But, I’m trying:

This weekend, I traveled to North Carolina where I experienced the two North Carolinas:


Click here for a glimpse into my own feelings about NC’s HB2 ‘Bathroom Bill’

In funner news, I also went to the NC State Fair. Lost in the moist warmth of humanity, I walked thousands of steps, and even went on a roller coaster. I missed the pig racing, but only due the the lack of seating.

I’ve also tried to take on the healthier living, starting with avoiding all the gastronomical wonders that abound at the State Fair.

While on vacation, I also went to Golden Corral with family, where I only got two plate-fulls – none of which was dessert, and one of which was a salad! Today, I walked to the grocery store, and didn’t buy junk food an snacks.

That was a lot for one weekend. I don’t want to overdo it, lest I burn out too quickly. I’m hoping this jumbo gin and tonic will curb any further ambition…