Imaginary adulation: Tinker, tailor, stalker, troll

Honestly, however many bloggers are kind enough to follow this site, I only have about 10 regular readers (based on actual virtual interactions),* so my site statistics fluctuate (or, in my case, barely move) relatively predictably.

What I’ve noticed is that one blog post from April 2016, Never Enough, pops up every few days. I’ve always wondered why? Is there anything about the blog tags that get resonate with the general populace, such that random folks land on my post?

#Compatibility  #Conversations  #Digital Relationships  #Friendships  #Happiness  #Kindred Spirits  #Long-Distance Relationships  #Missed Connections  #Online Friendships  #Small Talk  #Stalking

Perhaps we are all just kindred spirits, wandering about in the real and virtual worlds, looking for connection where we might find it. Is this just a manifestation of the world’s collective loneliness? Did I just happen to articulate words that mimic the inherent lonesomeness that abounds, barely masked by sighs, shrugs, and the blatant paucity of ‘ussies’ on our social media feeds.

Fine, maybe we are awash in selfies because we are just that vain.**

Given all of these possibilities, there’s an alternative. Now, I do not want to make light of the horrifying violation that is stalking, but it’s possible I have a stalker.

Okay, lest I inadvertently sound the alarms, I suppose here in the blogosphere, it might be more accurate to say, it’s possible I have a troll.

The notion is oddly exhilarating.

What is it about this post that makes this person come back, time after time, to read my words. Does it make them happy? Does it make them sad? Does it make them angry? Do they think this post is about them***? Have they actually had these conversations with me in real life? Do they wish they had?

There are some days when I feel that keeping up my blog is nothing but a vanity project, a digital diary for myself and no one else. On most days, that’s enough. But sometimes, and maybe it’s hubris, but I’d like to think that someone has read/is reading this blog and getting something out of it – entertainment, encouragement, provocation – anything, if only for a moment.

Which is it?

Though it would more likely than not just shatter this inane fantasy I’ve built up for myself, I almost want to know the answer.

Or perhaps not.


*And I appreciate each and every one of you, bless your warped little souls, you!

**That’s why I take selfies. I love how iPhoto is kind enough to automatically gather all of your selfies as its own album – a tribute to our own vanity. Here are some of mine from over the years.

***It actually could be.