Me in Three: The Fact of Fiction

I’ve been away from the blogosphere, immersed in work while reeling from the relentless assaults on humanity. I’ve avoided this blog, as if indulging in this private space of expression, investigation, introspection, frivolity, and glee was a privilege to be sacrificed.

But I do, as the crunchy granola* folks say, have to create a discipline around my self-care, from the physical, psychological, to the spiritual.

In the interest of achieving frivolity in these dark times, I’ve elected to introspect the crap out of myself, to whittle me down to three fictional characters. Do they represent my truest self? My aspirational self? My former self? My latent self?

I’m not sure, which is why I saw fit to share it, lest anyone feel they’ve gone unwarned:


For the uninitiated, or for those of you too young to have borne witness to the tragically awesome trio of pop culture icons that I’ve deemed worthy to capture my essence:

  • Karen Walker: She of Will & Grace fame, the only reason to watch that show. Vapid, kooky, life-loving, drunken walking ego with a heart…quite possibly.
  • Daria: She of MTV’s Daria fame. Wry observer of the shallow ignorance abound in her American suburban existence. Like Daria, sarcasm IS my natural response to any situation.
  • Annie Wilkes: She of Stephen King fame, the lead in the book and film of the same name, Misery. I would describe her as deeply committed to things she feels are important, and will fight tooth and nail to defend what she feels is right. Others might describe her as a nutjob-angel-of-death-serial-killer. Either way, Kathy Bates is a badass.

So, that’s my Monday morning tangent.

Off to fight the good fight, and all that.

I’m just going to take this day one martini at a time.



*No offense to self-help gurus, mental health practitioners, or to rolled oats.