Survive and rejoice!

I’m sorry things haven’t been going well for you.

  • Work You has been kicked in the throat because you’ve had to make all the hard decisions, lead all the hard conversations.
  • Home You has had to fight all the little battles that make up living with and caring about other people, but somehow add up to you feeling not quite great about the job you’re doing, or think you should be doing.
  • Healthy You just hasn’t been, because Work You and Home You come first. Plus, all the wine. And cheese doodles.
  • Fun You has been MIA for a while, because Work You and Home You come first, and Healthy You has been stressing you out for all the wine. And cheese doodles.
  • Angry You has been everywhere you don’t want it to be.

But hey, no matter how hard your week has been, you should probably be glad you aren’t this pigeon.


Because little did it know that the Crazy Lady taking it’s picture was thinking to herself, “Are you sad and depressed little pigeon? Are you thinking of jumping?” 

It definitely had no idea that Crazy Lady was contemplating kicking it off the ledge to end its misery.

Lucky for the pigeon, Crazy Lady realized that she isn’t the kind of person that goes around kicking pigeons*. She may have had a hard week herself, but she knew better than to let it eat her up inside and possibly get reported to the ASPCA.


The weekend’s here and nobody got hurt, so let all Crazy Ladies (& Gents) and sad pigeons rejoice.



*Or, am I?