I am nothing without pretend

Every day, at some point, I’m someone else. I’m the me that most people see, but if you pay close attention, there are flashes of who I am, unguarded. It’s not always pretty, not always nice, but generally weirdly awesome.

(And totally humble.)

They aren’t even lies, the many me-s. They are manifestations of how I see the world, how I interact with the world. Each is real.

Everyone is audience to each other’s realities. We feed into each other’s egos and insecurities. It seems essential that we are in symbiosis worth the world – affecting it as much as we are affected by it.

This philosophy, this personal pedagogy, if you will, was somehow captured in a song. At the time, I’d never even heard the song. But I read the first line of the lyrics:

“I am nothing without pretend.”  

– From “Civilian” by Wye Oak (hear the song below)

It’s true. However real these selves of mine are, to move between characters is rather like playing pretend.

So, here’s to pretend. Here’s to celebrating our many realities. Yet, somehow through it all, may we always be true to ourselves.