Mercury Rising and Internet Avoidance

It’s too hot everywhere. My routine for the past few weeks has been: Wake, shower, work, home, shower, eat, shower, sleep. It’s really all I can handle.


Seriously. I grew up in a tropical country, and I don’t remember hating my body (I’m a big time sweat-er, which would be embarrassing, if I felt I had any shame left after trying to be a big woman wearing as little as possible in public/professional settings) as much as I do now.

It’s too hot, and it’s too terrible out there. Politics being the last respectful/respectable topic there is, seems to, all of a sudden empower everyone on every side to bloviate¬†hella lots of self-righteous indignation. Luckily, there are folks trying to temper tempers….


I’m not exactly sure who Finn Balor is, but thank you.

Who knows, maybe I can muster enough brain power to stay online to enjoy, peruse, and contribute to the blogosphere as normal humans do.

But then again, here’s the weekend weather report.

heat forecast



Sad Keanu says it’s not looking good.