Killing Trees

I try to be be as environmentally conscious as my lazy, selfish self will allow. I recycle everything I can, cans, bottles, wrapping paper, boxes. All get cleaned up and packaged for once-a-week pick up.

But, that’s dealing with all the recyclable goods I consume. But what about just not consuming as many things? I’ve tried to survey my usage, and it’s a fairly daunting task. One potential conservation area I’m fairly on the fence about is magazines.

It seems petty, and really a first-world problem. I love my porn. Food magazines, mostly. I don’t care that they all have websites I can get all these recipes on for free. I’ve even discontinued 3 this year alone. I love my Sunday morning rituals of taking my cup of coffee and my stack of magazines, dreaming of food I will probably never cook.


It’s wasteful, I know. But a person’s got to have their vices. Why can’t this* be mine?

2015-05-30 11.45.35

[Yes, I know I’ve still got the market cornered on gluttony, sloth, and foul-mouthedness. But magazine hoarding is right up there with things that make me me.]