Bacon and other good memories

My dad always said his favorite childhood memory of me involved breakfast meats.

I was about 4 or 5 or so, my older sister was 8 or 9, and our cousin who lived with us at the time would have been 6-ish. In the mornings, we kids would eat whatever we were given, I suppose. Probably something quick, like cereal. My dad, as the dad, the man, or what have you, would always eat in the dining room, as he usually insisted on the full eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee with his paper.

Apparently, it was our habit to run around like crazy, chasing each other around…though as the youngest (at the time), I was probably doing all the chasing. I was pretty competitive about a lot of things, any advantage over the ‘big kids’ was like gold to me. My dad used to chuckle as he’d remember the time we were zooming around, but I stopped short at the doorway to the dining room. Ever the ravenous kid, I pointed to his bacon and whispered to him, “We’re partners, right?”

Did I have a super-secret-supply of bacon that my sister & cousin didn’t? Damn skippy.



Chuck. 1933-2010