Never enough

Have you ever started a conversation you wished would just go on just a little bit more…or forever?

With face-to-face interactions, there’s often a way to keep it going. If your conversation partner has to get up and get ready to go, that’s easy enough. Follow them around the room, talk to them through the bathroom door, ride up and/or down the elevator with them, walk them to their car, then yell the last words you can get to them as they drive…very quickly away from you.*

Digital conversations, however impersonal on the surface, can reveal an inconvenient compatibility, therefore evoking passion and spark. For those separated by miles or worlds, it’s that much more difficult to endure the lulls and the delays. The anticipation of that much-desired reply can mimic even the most powerful foreplay…a trembling unceasing coupled with intoxicating restlessness. But, when met with the heartbreak of interminable radio silence, there is but a covetous confusion, like a junkie craving a fix.

As someone who enjoys silences, even in good company, who is easily frustrated by pedestrian small talk, these provoking conversations and the resulting sense of withdrawal, are that much more dispiriting.

So, here’s to avoiding interesting people and kindred spirits, because it turns out, for me, it’s not ‘better to have talked and lost than never to have talked at all’.

Knowing what I’m missing is just pissing me off.


From an article subtitled: “How to Have a Conversation IRL” (click image to link)


*Face-to-face interactions that spark amazing connections don’t always last either. My favorite depiction of this unfortunate predicament is best embodied in one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite groups (see them LIVE!!!), Pink Martini:


[Featured image from Arunima Shah’s blogpost, The Beauty of Conversations]