When the [ham] stakes are high

So, here we are. 88 days into the new year, and my resolutions are reliably unrealized. Despite having declined all manner of Easter invites, I still got hammed. It’s so hard to be good when it’s so easy to be bad….

I have many good reasons for trying to be healthier:

  1. Be healthier (-er is always better, right?)
  2. Be alive for longer (People would miss me. Right? Right? You would, wouldn’t you?)
  3. Be there for my family (They need me. Who else will tell them what they’re doing wrong?)
  4. Be there for my husband (He needs me. He doesn’t know how to reassemble the vacuum I took apart.)

I have many more less-noble reasons for trying to be healthier

  1. Fit into the clothes I want to wear, instead of the ones they make for my size.
  2. Fit into the subway seats more comfortably, without feeling like I’m taking more space than I’m ‘allowed’.

Photo is from a site for the Miller & Levine textbook, “Biology,” from their handy dandy Chapter on the Digestive and Excretory Systems. Their section on Obesity In America has a sidebar on how stadium seats reflect how fat America has become. (click photo for page)


Okay, those are pretty much all of my other reasons. I have to learn how to move more, make better food choices, give in to temptation less, be less lazy, sleep more, be more Irish (Cabbage! Cabbage! Cabbage!), be less Filipino (Pork! Pork! Pork!). I’m trying to keep track of it all: To be less I have to do more. To be more, I have to do less. Be more, do less, do more, be less, be more do less, do less, be less…aack!

less ham

Yep. Still more work to do.