What I Don’t Have…

retirement income (I might have to die young, then)

a backyard (with an aversion to yard work, this might stil work out). 

high cholesterol (amen to that, and bring on the fried chicken). 

enemies (I don’t have a fan club, but I’ll take the anonymous middle of the road on this one). 

hopelessness about American politics (if anything, the obnoxious turn this cycle has taken has renewed my faith that people are capable of shaking off complacency). 

a tongue I can ‘curl’ (this has made me feel unspecial for a long time)

a child (but a certain acceptance and comfort about this fact is building, mostly in terms of appreciating the reducing of my carbon footprint)

patience (though, I’m interested in pursuing an improvement of my capacity thereof). 

an active body (I’m trying to slowly change that, but inertia speaks to me).

But what do I have?

There’s plenty, all of which, I’m grateful for. 

Most of all, in this exact moment,

I’m happy enough to be on this porch.

With this cat. 

Doing absolutely nothing. 

And a happy Friday to all!