I want to quit Facebook. Will you still be my friend?

A month or so ago, I suffered from some minor identity theft.

Contrary to the Best Buy activity page below, I did not purchase a MacBook from Best Buy and ship it to myself in California***.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 5.23.50 PM

I do not live in California.

Anyhoo, me, the Big Bad Big Box Store and at least one law enforcement agency are resolving that…

I thought the PTSD from identity theft was bad enough. But then two other weird things happened the day after that fraud.

(1) My sister texted me that I sent her and 50 other people a strange spammy message via LinkedIn. This was followed by several LinkedIn messages from people telling me this was rather unprofessional, and asking me not to contact them again.

(2) I made my way to Facebook, and noticed that I suddenly lost over 100 Facebook friends. From 330-something or so to 220.

Just like that.

My professional dignity.

My ‘friends’.


After much soul searching (and whiskey), I decided that I wasn’t going to let invisible agents of evil take me down. I can’t let crappiness suck all of the life out of me (I’ll still let myself wallow every once in a while, because ice cream goes so well with pajamas and crappy rom-coms).

You see, those LinkedIn connections who messaged me, going through the trouble of chastising me for sending what was a very obviously  spammy email? I didn’t even know them, nor them me. They were friends of friends of friends who just added me to pad their connection stats. Why should I care?

And losing “friends” on Facebook? Well, we were all such good friends, that of those 100 or so I lost, only 3 have re-friended me. They either don’t care or didn’t notice. No offense to them, but these aren’t real friendships.

I want to find more awesomeness this year. More happy, more adventures, more health, more snacks, and less work, less stress, less drama, and less small stuff.

I’ll be darned if I don’t have a sneaking suspicion that  getting rid of Facebook might just help solve more than half of those goals on my list: spend less time on the computer or other device, not get caught up in social media drama, not drown in oversharing about some tv show/movie or other, not have to worry about the state of humanity because of the sheer stupidity on display, be outside more, talk with real humans more, anything else…more.

I doubt it will make me a better person. Maybe a more self-aware person, rather than a selfies-aware person? A more connected-in-real life person?

Can I really do it? Some people think I can. A lot of people think I should. Most people don’t believe I can or will…


From “Facebook addiction: 16 Reason why you cannot quit for good”. Click photo for the article.



Still, it might be worth exploring.


***By the way, if you live anywhere near Rosemead, CA, can you please go 8767 Valley Blvd Apt. 7 and punch that person in the throat for me? Much appreciated.