Whoever you are, I am plotting your death

Look I know I’ve spent some blog space bemoaning that I’m not too old, that I am capable of living it up every once in a   while.

Just not tonight.

Yes, I know this is NYC. But it isn’t quite true, you know? This city DOES sleep.

Well, at least it’s trying to.

I’m not telling you where I live. But I’m about to find out where you do.

You see, it’s 1028pm.

And I can hear your bass thumping in my ears from 5 blocks away. It’s like a two-by-four being banged against a picnic bench.

I know it’s Halloween.

And it’s a Saturday night.

I’m going to put on some shoes. And, in case I have to run or make a statement to law enforcement, I’m also going to put on a bra.

That’s how serious I am.

A bra.

Yeah. You’d best turn it down.


Aerosol art courtesy of Mista Breakfast/Lord Leigh.