My blog, my self?

I’m feeling flush with excitement.

Maybe it’s nausea.

For the first time in a long time, I’ve started to play with the idea of changing up my blog. I’ve been clicking “Preview” on blog theme after blog theme, trying to be inspired, trying to steal ideas. I guess it goes with my previously mentioned nesting phase. I want to mix things up, freshen, tighten, streamline. (Sounds like a horrible plastic surgery wish list, doesn’t it?)

But I’m worried that I might be going about this all wrong. Why care about how it looks? I don’t have a lot of followers/readers, but what will they think of me/my blog if I start focusing what it looks like rather than what it says? Then again, this blog is called, “The Smell of My Own Poop”. It’s not saying much.

Do I pick a blog theme that’s light, and frilly, like those ornately decorated cakes on pinterest?

Do I pick a blog theme that’s simple and straightforward, because those are traits I aspire to?

Do I pick a blog theme that’s dark, obnoxious, and hard to navigate, as that’s my usual state of being?

Does my blog theme mean none of those things?

Does worrying about what changing it might say about me make me an idiot, drowning in first world problems?

Will I look good in pink?