A Wisdom of Wombats

A colony of ants.

A pride of lions.

A pod of whales.

A flock of sheep.

I enjoy time spent alone and with family. But, sometimes I feel like I could find comfort in a crowd of like-minded, like-hobbied, like-humored others.

Somewhere out there is an un-gathered bunch of mean-spirited, sarcastic, yet lovable curmudgeons under the age of 45 who love books (and not just the ones made into movies), who love musicals (but hate going to Times Square*), who love cooking (for eating pleasure, not Pinterest photography), who can talk Big Ideas (without descending into vitriolic hate mongering), the list goes on and on. I’m sure they’re out there. I just need to find them. But I don’t know what’s stopping me.

Maybe it’s work…all the waking hours spent at work. That’s too easy an excuse, but sadly true.

Maybe it’s the laziness. I haven’t spent much time exploring new things, or challenging my safety zone to know what more is out there, who else is out there.

Not that the what and the who that I have aren’t good enough. Maybe it’s just time to stop bowling alone.

Here’s to doing something it.

Here I go.

I’m gonna do it.


Photo courtesy of @WhatTheFFacts on Twitter

Photo courtesy of @WhatTheFFacts on Twitter

*Though I must say, Hamilton the musical was undeniably worth wading through the moist warmth of humanity that is Times Square