All mine

I keep seeing “communal” or  “family style” seating  popping up as a selling point for restaurants. Why is that a desirable feature?

Fette Sau in Willimsburg, Brooklyn. Don’t care for the the table sharing, LOVE the meat!


Do I really want to spend my evening of communing with fire roasted meats in the company of strangers? My relationship to meat is sacred. I don’t want my time with it sullied by random people’s riveting conversations about beard etiquette or skee ball.

See this?

Egg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Breakfast done right.


Not only did I get my own table, I got my own French press, too. THAT’S what I’m talking about.

No offense, Unless we’re at  a  private dinner party, I don’t  want  to sit *with* you. You don’t want to be that close to me chewing with my mouth open. And I don’t want to be all up in your business, even though you are VERY open about what you discuss over insalata tri-colore. That doesn’t go well with my…anything.

I know I should probably let go of some of my eating hang-ups. I appreciate that food is more than sustenance, it can truly be an experience. And maybe I should be more open to breaking bread with strangers. Maybe I should be more open to strange…