Bad car-ma


This is the hood of my car.

Do you see those smudges there?

Do you know what those are?

Those, my friends, are the bona fide article, the incontrovertible proof, the undeniable truth…that fairies exist.

And they wear a child’s size 13 1/2 boot. With sturdy looking tread.

I mean, it’s the only conceivable reason why there would be footprints on my car, right?


I didn’t see them. Not exactly. But I imagine the scene looked something like this…


Man, if I ever meet those fairies, I would punch them in the face.

It’s probably thoughts like those that got me (and my car) in this situation.

I’m going to go think happy thoughts now.

And thank my mom for getting me a gift certificate to get my car detailed.


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