Too hot to handle

I know my world is small, and there are real problems in the world. But today, today my ass is my first priority.

Okay, not exactly my ass, more like somewhere between my ass and my lower back/tramp stamp region.

All I can say is do not abuse the hot water bottle. Seriously.

I had pulled my lower back a few days ago. As I normally do, I went straight to the classic: hot water bottle. Changed it every hour, as hot as I could stand it, and at some point, I couldn’t feel the heat anymore. I figured I would go straight to the source, and started putting the bottle directly on my skin. Yeah. Don’t. Do. That. Ever.

I took a break for an hour or so. Somehow I didn’t think it was strange that my back was still warm and toasty. At some point, I was stretching my back, and with my fingers splayed across my lower back, I felt something strange.

Why were like growths on my back that felt like overripe grapes?


First degree burns.

You know what you don’t want to do after you’ve done what you don’t want to do?

You don’t want to Google photos of hot water bottle burns.

But you do want to stay at home, since you need a couple of hours to think about whether you can actually ride the subway and go to work commando. In a dress, because don’t want to wear pants, for fear of chafing your grape blisters.

That’s going to take a while.

P.S. If any crafty folks out there want to help me avoid this in the future, please knit me ocean awesome hot water bottle cozy. Or buy me one of these, from the awesome folks at Etsy:

hot water bottle cozies