This year, I vow…

to work less.
Yesterday I worked only a 10-hour day!

to spend more quality time with my husband.
The 2 hours a day between me getting home and me falling asleep are two of the best hours of his day. I know. I’m pretty sure. I think. I hope. Ay nako!

to be nicer to people.
It’s the middle of March and I haven’t made anyone cry this calendar year. So far.

to cook more and healthier.
I’ve bought so many vegetables this year! And only about 1/3 of them died painful deaths in the back of the fridge.

to save money.
I hang out in nonprofit circles, and there a lot of fundraisers on my calendar 😦

to exercise more.
Exercise bicycles make for excellent coat racks.

to combine the previous two vows by going to the gym or canceling my membership.
I hope it’s nothing like what Chandler had to go through…

to at least move my exercise bicycle into the living room so I can exercise while I watch tv.
Wherever will I keep my coats?

to go on mini-adventures. This is NYC after all.
I can’t think of anything to do. There are too many things to choose from. Why aren’t more things free? I hate tourists.

to read more of the books I own/finish the books that I’ve started.
This one’s actually happening. I guess I need something to do on my 80-minute commute to work and back everyday.

to expand my reading list.
I live in NYC. Why read only books about crime, depravity, and madness? I could just read the paper.

to call my friends more.
I want to reduce my Facebook time in favor of more face-to-face time. Even FaceTime would be a step up.

to write letters/send greeting cards.
And not just to the editor, or business owners with complaints, or lists of corrections for their menu.

to be more disciplined about self-care.
I’m going to reduce my sick days by 50% this year. Not to be confused with my sick-of-work days. I’m still not going in on those days.

to be better about doing household chores.
It’s my hair, I should sweep it up. Or make a sweater with it.

to finish 3 of my ?  unfinished ‘creative projects’ around the house.
Eventually, I’m going to paint those drawers, or learn to love that shade of blue.

to blog more regularly.
The world deserves my brilliance.

to practice humility.
Why start now?

broken promises-egg

Photo available at San Francisco Appeal