To quiz or not to quiz? Zimbio & Buzzfeed VS the Real Me

I never used to take online quizzes.

I thought they were silly and useless, as I was fairly confident I knew who I was, flaws, warts, emotional baggage and all.

And then I started taking online quizzes.

At first I thought, “How uncanny, that does sound like me! How cool is that?!?” There was some strange sense validation for being somehow aligned with a character I regarded highly, for various reasons relating to entertainment and relatability. I was somehow proud of this comparison.

Now, I’ve only taken a handful of these quizzes, and after a recent one, I started to look back on the quiz results of the past few months, and began to see a pattern. A pattern of awesomeness.


Big Bang Quiz I’m often oblivious to my own social awkwardness because I know how smart I am! But why don’t more people like me?











Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 12.37.04 AM Why don’t people realize how important my job is, and that I’m the one doing it? Why aren’t more people bringing me coffee?










Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 12.48.12 AMI am too smart for my own good, and I’m often not afraid to tell people so. Maybe no one’s ever called me a psychopath, but I’ve been told I’m an unyielding and unrepentant know-it-all. A lot.













10686812_10205273757828882_8554975995802846948_nI do think so many of the people around me are shallow, mean, and ignorant! Sarcasm IS my natural response to any situation. Why don’t people listen to me?















Each time the results came through, I was so jazzed and proud, amazed at how the interwebs’ mysterious algorithms could see the real me come through random clicks and swipes. But then it dawns on me, is this the real me?

Am I a such pompous windbag? Do I really see myself as better than everyone else around me? What does it say about me that I’m so proud to be neatly characterized by intellectual snobbery and obnoxious indifference? Well, the Muppets quiz result wasn’t too horrible, but why does Scooter feel so undervalued at work? Why do most people not even know, care, or like who he is? Wait, am I Scooter?

Maybe I’m not who I think these quizzes say I am. Maybe I’m a better person than the person who’s proud of what these quizzes say about me. Maybe it doesn’t matter.


= = = = =

So, I took one more quiz since starting this blog post.



Maybe I should stop taking these quizzes altogether.



Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 1.15.29 AM