Agony of defeet*

8:20am. Check in at clinic for dermatologist appointment. Pay $40 specialist co-pay.

8:25am. Am called in to exam room. PA asks 4 simple questions.

8:30am. Doctor comes in, Looks at foot.

8:31am: “No, you don’t have a toenail fungus.” [Good news.]

8:32am: “Don’t worry, that’s just how your toes look.” [Less good news.]

8:33am: “I see you’re in next month for a full body scan. Good. We can check those moles for melanoma.” [Pants-crapping news.]

8:35am: Walk down the hall in shame, fear, and confusion…mostly because  my math skills are shoddy, and I can’t figure out how many days it is until my next appointment. [It’s 21.]


*I just couldn’t help myself.