My Favorite Deadly Sin

Gluttony_by_AlsheenyWhy did nobody tell me it was Fat Tuesday?!?!? I would have planned for it! Today should be a day of celebration, excess, and debauchery, before the celebration of  pious deprivation. Instead, I’m working from home on a sick day.

Apart from bemoaning the dearth of gluttonous behavior on my part today, my mind wandered over to the idea of Lent. Surely, I’m not the first fallen Catholic to get twitchy around this time of year. All kidding aside, I wonder, how do devout practitioners feel about those who co-opt the Lenten season as a way to anchor secular goals?

What I mean is that I hear from friends (in 3-D and on the interwebs) declarations such as, “I’m giving up red meat/I’m not going to curse/I’m going to be nice to my sister/I’m giving up alcohol/I’m giving up some alcohol/etc. for Lent!” These aren’t folks who aren’t doing this for religious purposes, and certainly aren’t practicing religion in general. Are Lenten diets sacrilegious? Is it disrespectful to reappropriate the idea of this particular set of 40-days?

I don’t know whether this is the Catholic guilt, PC-ness, or the lingering NyQuil haze talking. But I’m wondering, if I happen to start a new diet tomorrow, am I in danger of being smited…smote…having hellfire and brimstone rained upon my ass?

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Image: Gluttony by Alsheeny (source)