March 03


3 boroughs, 24-hours of arts and awesomeness

For anyone keeping score, I did not call in to work sexy on Friday. I showed up, and worked till 615 or so; but, I will live to shirk another day.

More important, is that I opened myself up to the universe, and good….okay, I don’t really do things like open myself up to the universe. But, I did ask my WordPress friends if they had any suggestions for what I could do for my 40-for-40 list. It’s 40 (or more?) new or challenging things I want to try/do/accomplish, since I’m turning 40 this year. I don’t want to call it a bucket list, as that sounds kind of depressing to me. I guess it’s more of a fuck-it-I’m-gonna-try-this list.…a fucket list, if you will.

While super-cool WP friends like Mike G and Duh’Merica had some awesome recommendations that I may actually try (check them out in the comments section of an earlier post here), and given my long history of starting big, and blowing up even bigger right away, I decided to take baby steps. You may call me chicken, I prefer, cautious coward. I decided to follow the sage advice of El Guapo, who recommended that I, “Pick the stuff you love doing but don’t get to do often enough” as a place to start. And so began my 3 borough tour of 24-hours of arts and awesomeness:

Friday night, Brooklyn:  Working in Brooklyn gives me easy access to the hipster-capital of the world (Fort Greenburgwickstuy or some such nonsense), which means there are a ton of things to do that will be new to old fogeys like me. What better place to start living it up than with dinner out (Venezuelan), and Rockabilly at a (presumably?) cool spot in the Burg? Turns out, it’s not just hipster nonsense! The music was fantastic, the crowd was only partially pretentious, and of course, beer makes lots of things better. All in all, a fun night worth repeating.

Saturday afternoon, Queens: Queens seems to top the diverse-food-options list, so I figured, when in southeast Queens, do as the locals do. I scouted out a Trinidadian joint in Ozone Park, which was delicious and served with cafeteria-style convenience. That was a first, and a must repeat.  After lunch,  another one for my list, a professional dance performance (one that doesn’t take place in a junior high auditorium). Such a powerful and engaging piece, by a contemporary dance company. Dance – turns out it’s not just tutus and dancing wooden soldiers. Intriguing, enjoyable, and likely worth repeating.

Saturday night, the Bronx: Dinner out on City Island (which funny enough, smelled more of skunk than fish. The island, not the restaurant.) Festival of One Act Plays. While this rounded out my 3-borough, 24-hours of arts and awesomeness, it doesn’t make the list. I go to plays 7-8 times a year. Some Broadway, some off-Broadway, some off-off-off the charts hole in the wall. But see them, I do.

So, it seems that I completely forgot that I enjoy take-out pizza and dozing off by 945pm on most Fridays – a week’s worth of DVRd shows be damned. I actually “did” Friday night, which set the stage for “doing” Saturday/Saturnight. I doubt I can really keep up this pace, as evidenced by the awesome sloth impression I did all day today (Sunday). Totally worth it, though.